"Many communities have ideas & solutions to their own problems...they may just need someone to listen...

2009 -The organization is officially formed with a              

           board of directors; founders travel to    

           Mozambique and purchase additional land.

2011 - Heart for the Needy becomes a Non-profit      


2012 - Founders travel to Mozambique to help          

           process the documents to legalize the land


2013 - Heart for the Needy becomes a recognized

           non-profit in Mozambique. 

2015 - Founders Phil & Laura Olaniyi moved 

           to start ministry full time in Mozambique. 

2016 - Building of the Heart for the Needy      

           Community Center was completed.

2017 - Work in surrounding communities with large      

           orphan populations began; the center is  

           currently home to 4 children who are

           orphans & have no family to care for them.  

2018 - Continued work with communities who have large            

          populations of orphans; the center currently has 6          

          children with no family members able to care for      


Our work 

Many communities have ideas & solutions to their own problems, but they may just need someone to listen and help execute the idea. The orphan crisis in our world is a complicated one, brought on mostly by poverty & illnesses, many of which can be prevented. It is our ultimate goal to work alongside community leaders, and come up with creative ways to help orphans who are already in the community. We have 3 different programs we've created to help meet the needs of the communities we currently work with: 

1) Let's Talk: This program focuses on education & prevention.

2) Hands & Feet: This program focuses on keeping an orphaned child in the care of a willing family member; we support the family to help meet the basic needs of their child, as well as foster a nurturing environment for the child.

3) Hearts: This program provides emergency care for children who have been orphaned & do not have a family member able to care for them. The children live together with us, as a family. Every child deserves a family.

Foundation History

mission & vision

Heart for the needy is dedicate to providing a safe, loving and compassionate environment which cultivates and encourages children to become educated and responsible members of their cultural community. focusing in areas of self respect, spiritual development, and overall well being for generations.

our Ultimate Goal


Core Values

​Safety    Health  Compassion      Education   Respect   Culture Love        Joy       Leadership