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Acting Director in Mozambique 

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Heart for the Needy cares for children who have no family alternatives to meet for their basic needs. We support families to keep children in their homes, and when that is not possible, the children live together in a family-based home care center in Nampula, Mozambique. Partner with us today & learn about why we are different. 

Our mindset is asking how we can do better, how we can stretch each dollar further, and how can we become more sustainable? We are gearing up for our fall fundraiser that will help us buy batteries for our solar panels - one step closer to sustainability. Stay tuned!

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Laura Olaniyi

Co-founder of Heart for the Needy 

Our goal at Heart for the Needy is to work with communities and help them find solutions for children who have been orphaned. If we cannot find a family member to care for the child, only then do we step in and provide emergency care.  

  • High rate of HIV/AIDS 
  • Official language is Portuguese
  • Average life expectancy is 52 
  • There are over 1.8 million orphans in Mozambique alone


Philemon Olaniyi

Co-founder of Heart for the Needy

Our team in Mozambique is in need of funds to help raise more chickens, begin the process of raising goats, and helping with our soon to be solar panel installation. The children also need additional funds to help with their Sunday feeding program for the poor within Nampula. 


Education, Joy, Culture, Love, Respect, Leadership


These are a few of our core values - the very principles that Heart for the Needy was founded upon. Each child deserves a family. IF we can not find a solution for a child to stay with a family member, we will care for the child in a family environment. We are to be raised in community, not in an institution. Help us fight to end institutionalization of children in Mozambique. 

Nova Junior
Projects Manager in Mozambique